CTAG is a Bela-compatible multi-channel Linux audio system.

The CTAG FACE Cape is an add-on for the BeagleBone Black, and offers 4 audio inputs and 8 audio outputs. CTAG is fully Bela-compatible, meaning you can take advantage of Bela's ultra-low latency processing and development tools. Add a Bela cape (sold separately) to make your system interactive.

Your CTAG FACE Cape includes:

  • CTAG FACE cape (4 audio inputs and 8 audio outputs)
  • Molex breakout board
  • 6 molex to 3.5mm stereo audio adapter cables

This product is for the CTAG FACE Cape only, and does not include a BeageBone Black system flashed with Bela software. Check out the CTAG FACE Starter Kit for a system comes with everything you need to get started.

About CTAG

CTAG was developed through a collaboration between Bela and Robert Manzke and Henrik Langer of CTAG Audio. It is sold and distributed by Bela and is an official Bela licensed product.

CTAG's full Bela compatibility means that you can take advantage of Bela's ultra-low latency processing (as low as 1ms round trip). Additionally, CTAG is fully compatible with Bela's browser-based development environment, where you can customise your audio processing using any Bela-supported language usch as C++, Pure Data, Supercollider, Csound and more. Add a Bela cape to hook up sensors and devices, and add interactivity to projects like multi-channel instruments and sound installations. 

Sold separately:

  • Bela Cape 
  • Extra audio adapter cables
  • 16GB SD card flashed with Bela software, for extra storage

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