Bela Mini Multichannel Expander

Multichannel audio has come to Bela Mini!

The Bela Mini Multichannel Expander is an add-on for your existing Bela Mini system, and expands your audio input and output channels from 2 to a whopping 8.  Multichannel audio and powerful interaction gives you everything you need to embark on new frontiers with sensors and sound. (Want some project inspiration? Check out this blog post.)

This product is for the Bela Mini Multichannel Expander add-on and does not include a Bela Mini. Need a Bela Mini? Save by buying the Bela Mini Multichannel Expander Starter Kit.

Adding the Bela Mini Multichannel Expander takes seconds, just install the Bela Mini Multichannel Expander on top of your Bela Mini system and you're ready to go. Fully assembled this powerful package is only 64 x 35 x 34mm, small enough to fit pretty much anywhere.

Best of all, when using the Bela Mini Multichannel Expander with Bela Mini you not only have 8 channels of audio I/O, but you also still have access to the interactive features interactive creators need and love, such as:

  • 16 digital I/O
  • 8 16-bit high-resolution analog inputs
  • All features of the Bela software for lightning-fast processing of sensors and sound for beautiful interaction
  • Bela's famous browser-based IDE, where you can program Bela in a range of languages and comes loaded with tools like an interactive pin diagram, dozens of examples, and a built-in oscilloscope

The Bela Mini Multichannel Expander includes:

  • Bela Mini Multichannel Expander add-on
  • 6 audio adapter cables for connecting your additional audio signals to Bela Mini

Product notes:

  • This product is the Bela Mini Multichannel Expander only; if you need a Bela Mini, save by purchasing the Bela Mini Multichannel Expander Starter Kit
  • Bela Mini Multichannel Expander is an add-on for Bela Mini systems; not compatible with Bela
  • Bela Mini Multichannel Expander is easily removable
  • Bela Mini Multichannel Expander adds 6 channels of audio I/O to Bela Mini's existing 2, for a total of 8 audio inputs and 8 audio outputs
  • All audio channels at 44.1kHz
  • Dimensions of Bela Mini Multichannel Expander: 35 x 64 x 21mm
  • Dimensions of Bela Mini with Multichannel Expander installed: 35 x 64 x 34mm

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