PEPPER PCB and Panel

PEPPER is a DIY kit for hardware enthusiasts who love Bela, modular synths, and building things. 

PEPPER consists of a bare PCB with matching faceplate, as well as an additional faceplate for USB breakouts. There is a list of common through-hole components for you to source, and we provide an in-depth, illustrated build guide. Once assembled, attach your Bela board (sold separately) and start prototyping and experimenting with Bela and your modular synth. 

This product includes:

  • Bare PEPPER PCB, ready for assembly
  • A matching faceplate and USB breakout faceplate, both made of matte black PCB with gold surface finish (and matte white screen print on the reverse)

Once assembled, PEPPER is 18HP wide and adds the following to your modular setup:

I/O (1/8″ jacks):

  • 2 audio in (AC-coupled, 10V pk-to-pk, 44.1kHz, 16bit)
  • 2 audio out (AC-coupled, 10V pk-to-pk, 44.1kHz, 16bit)
  • 8x CV in (with pots attenuating, 16bit, 0-10V). Optionally, up to 4x of the CV in sockets can be swapped for trigger ins, leaving the pots connected directly to Bela’s analog inputs.
  • 8x CV out (16bit, 0-5V)


  • 8x pots (attenuation of CV in)
  • 4x buttons
  • 10x LED output

    When assembled, attach PEPPER to your Bela unit, plug it into your laptop and access Bela's browser-based IDE. Code synth patches using C++, Pure Data, Supercollider, Csound; start from scratch or use one of the dozens of included examples covering everything from synthesis to sensors. 

    Pepper comes with a library of example patches ready to go which you can hear in action in this video. These include patches such as an analogue-style tape delay, 4 channel looper. inharmonic oscillator bank, physically-inspired vocal synthesiser, LFO playground, granulator, a couple of drum machines, and template projects for creating your own patches.

    To learn more about PEPPER (including the full bill of materials, details on power supply and customisation options), please visit the PEPPER wiki.

    Important notes:

    • PEPPER is a DIY project that requires lots of soldering, and is intended for experimentation. 
    • PEPPER is not compatible with Bela Mini, or the CTAG series.
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